Unexpected encouragement !!

With the benefit of excellent sound quality with my updated television viewing, I selected the movie End of the Spear. Then I found Beyond the Gates of Splendor on YouTube. At no expense…, I watched… and I rejoiced!! I’ve enjoyed so many unique benefits during my life. The films reminded me of my visit to the business owned and operated by Steve Saint. It was so special to touch their lives in a very small way. Expanding my current information, via an Internet search, I found this testimony by Steve Saint. Such a blessing!! A sincere “thank you.”

Check my blog message Praise God from Whom all Blessing Flow.  ~~  Visit I-TEC through my camera lens.

Why is encouragement important?? I long  for contact from my family!! I hope for an email message, or a phone call. I’ve learned to live with rejection (from family) but appreciate reminders (above) that my Heavenly Father is vigilant and generous in my  (our) behalf.

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