Ready for “chapter two” !!

My handy traveling companion (on the right, second picture) says we will have rain and a thunder-storm today–and tomorrow.  I don’t want to hitch up in the rain (again) so got a head start.  ~~  I spent the week with “the big guy” (in the corner of the living room) but he gave me “the silent treatment.”  I don’t know what’s happening in the world!!  (Well, I could check the Internet; I have WiFi.)  If it weren’t for my handy traveling companions, I might not know the date, time, or weather!!  The gadget with the white border says it is 76 degrees but “feels like 91.”  It is hot and sultry so a rain shower will cool us off. (I have this lovely weather while friends in Vermont have 21 inches of snow!!)  ~~  Question: Why have that TV antenna and not send a line to the TV in the guest apartment?? Enquiring [sic] minds want to know! But, to answer my question: I needed a quiet atmosphere so I could rest.  I don’t rest at home: I have birds and squirrels to feed; I have “downsizing” projects begging my attention; I have a job. Soon I’ll be working in my garden. Never a dull moment!!

Hitched and ready to go.

Handy traveling companions.

Very large TV.

The antenna.

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