Elementary my dear Watson !!

Smiley face detectivePerhaps I’m repeating myself? Maybe I made a similar comment previously? I have no secrets from the Internet!! “It” reads my e-mail messages, and blog, and sends links that address comments I’ve made. A couple of days ago I told a friend I might need to remove cabinet doors (above the TV) to create book shelves. Within hours I had advertisements (along the right side of the computer screen) for cabinet doors and cabinet makers. Here’s a recently received article: Organizing Your RV followed by my comments. ~~~~ (One tiny step: Last night I watched a DVD, today I’ll donate it to the CARE library.)

Tips for Organizing Your RV

March 10, 2014 — The Democratic Travelers

When your home is 200 square feet, a well-organized RV is the difference between a blissful living space and pig sty on wheels. Organizing our small space is an ongoing project, but these are some of my favorite tips and organization solutions that make my life easier. ~~~~ Currently, sad to say, mine is a pig sty on wheels.

Everything Needs a Home

Having a place for everything will keep your life organized. It helps to put things that you use often, like flashlights or power cords, in easily-accessible spots. Things that you don’t use often, like extra blankets, can be stored in harder-to-reach spots.

You Need WAY Less Stuff Than You Think  ~~~~ I know, I know!! I’m trying to “downsize”!!

If you’ve never used that rice cooker but think it might come in handy on the road, ditch it! Stick with the basics and purge often. Don’t be afraid to get rid of excess stuff – less is more on the road.


IKEA is my favorite spot for inexpensive organization solutions. Their airtight food containers are great for storing flour, rice and sugar. We use their wall-mounted rods and hanging containers in lieu of a medicine cabinet and have another in the kitchen with S-hooks to hang utensils. ~~~~ Yes, IKEA; I love to look at their catalogs!! I’ve never lived close enough to shop.


Baskets are your best friend in small living spaces. They’re the easiest and most attractive way to keep your things organized and come in all sizes, materials and prices. I like to use baskets to group similar items: I keep a basket next to my desk to holds notepads, pencils and charging cords, there’s a wire basket in the bathroom for shower stuff, a clear plastic basket in the pantry for fruit and a basket where we keep all the pet things. ~~~~ Ah, baskets!! I use them in the tiny T@B teardrop trailer and I have a couple in my larger trailer. Plastic “dish pans” are great for storage, too.

Hanging Shelves

We don’t have much clothing that requires hangers, so we maximize our closet space by using hanging shelves. I use mine to store socks, undergarments and sandals, but they’re also great for sweaters and shirts. Don’t skimp on quality though, you’ll want one that’s good and sturdy that won’t sag after a few months.

Wall Hooks

Use your wall space! With limited closet and drawer space, having hooks in key spots is really convenient. We have a hook by the door for keys – you’ll never lose them! Wall hooks in the bathroom hold bath and hand towels and S-hooks on the screen door can hold jackets and dog leashes too. If you can’t drill into the wall, use 3M Command Hooks – they’re super strong and leave no residue! ~~~~ I’ve been drilling holes in the wall; I’ve been hanging pictures, a clock, and a magnetic bulletin board.

Hanging Trash Can Under Sink

This is a must-have! Floor space in your RV is limited and there’s no good spot for a bulky trash can. We have a wire frame mounted on the cabinet door that turns grocery bags into a hidden trash can. While we do have to take the trash out more often, having it out-of-sight is worth it. ~~~~ Gratefully, my Carriage came with waste basket under the sink.

No-Slip Mats

We put these shelf liners underneath almost everything that might move around while we’re towing. It keeps the printer from sliding off the desk and dishes and glasses from shifting when we’re on the road. ~~~~ I wish I had room for my printer!!

Collapsible Laundry Basket

For months, we had a permanent pile of clothes by the foot of our bed that drove me crazy. I remedied this problem with a low-profile collapsible laundry basket that keep our clothes contained. And because it’s collapsible, you can easily flatten and store it in the closet. ~~~~ My dirty clothes go into a laundry bag near the head of my bed.

Dish Rack

While RV life has most of the conveniences of home, it doesn’t usually include a dishwasher. Dish-drying racks are necessary when you have to hand wash your dirty dishes. Luckily, there’s a huge variety including racks that collapse or fold for easy storing.  ~~~~ Collapsible, or folding, I don’t have room for either!!

The Democratic Travelers

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