Awesome Google logo for today !!

This is very unique and a must see (IMHO).

I tried to copy the image but Google probably has the image under lock and key?! I hope the link doesn’t disappear in a couple of days. It would be nice to revisit next year at this time?! ~~ I worked for over an hour trying to capture the image of trees turning to autumn colors, and then leaves falling, but will abandon the endeavor. Take my word for it, it is clever.


Same old story !!

Ripening tomatoes

Green tomatoes (1)

Green tomatoes (2)

Empty wheelbarrow

Time and temperatureWorked in the garden all morning. Came into the trailer for lunch after one o’clock. I trimmed dead growth from plants; I emptied the wheelbarrow full of rain water. The birds received fresh seed to replace the rain-soaked. Nothing spectacular or unusual to write about.

Possibly… ?!

Armadillo, oh my gosh, could it be? So-o-o-o-o, after reading the comment from Deb, I went to the Internet and read up on the armadillo. So much information, so many links: Armadillo in Texas, and my favorite. I must have spent two hours reading about the unique little creature!!

Embrace the Opossum is suggested in this web link.  “The opossum, while not the most beautiful of animals is extremely beneficial to the environment. Should an animal become a nuisance, the Wildlife Center can provide techniques to exclude the animal from the area in question, they should not be live trapped or harassed.”

Question mark with figure scratching headNow I just watch and wait to see what happens next?!

Just for laughs !!

It’s raining!! Briefly, I pulled some weeds (while it was sprinkling). Now I’m indoors reading some email messages. One message was about God missing for six days. Well that email would have required a lot of work to “clean it up.” I went to the Internet and found the same message but about Texas–rather than Virginia. Enjoy this site titled Just for Laughs. Here’s the content of the email I received.

Postscript, 5:00 PM: Rain has stopped. I went outdoors planning to pull more weeds.  I wasn’t out five minutes. The mosquitoes have a voracious appetite!!

While my back was turned, …

…while I was on the computer, someone delivered a berm. Because I don’t have television, I haven’t heard weather reports. Maybe we are expecting another hard rain that will flood my yard?

New berm (1)

New berm (2)


Elbert adding gravel (1)

Elbert adding gravel (2)

Mandavillas and berm


Next Internet search: Ground-cover. How can I camouflage the ugly old pipe? Hey, I’m not complaining!! I’m in favor of diverting the water out of my yard. But I want “natural” beauty and there might be an attractive ground cover. ~~ This sounds good; I’ll check further. ~~  Pictures of Periwinkle.

Vinca minor gets only 6″ tall. It is also called periwinkle, because of its beautiful blue (periwinkle) flowers in spring. It roots as it goes along, so it works well on a hill or flat. If it invades an area, you can easily lift its 1″ roots out and aim it in another direction. Buy them in the 4″ pot and plant about 1 foot apart for a quick fill in. Use soil conditioner in the holes, and sprinkle some on the surrounding areas to aid quick fill in. In a couple of years, when it is well filled in, you can harvest some of it for other areas. Just dig out a 4″ area with a trowel in the early spring, refill the hole with soil. It will fill in.

Ajuga sounds like a hardy choice. So many things to consider: Shade and sun, drought resistant, fast growing, etc. Pictures of Ajuga.

Build your own rain barrel ?!

My rain barrels are full and overflowing!! (One inch of rain in each of my two rain gauges.) I thought I’d release some water from my overflow rain barrel but found the faucet is poor–or faulty. So I searched the Internet regarding “self-tapping faucets.” I discovered this website that tells you how to build your own rain barrel. He also mentions self-tapping faucets. Another site telling us how to build our own.

Water faucetHere’s the answer I was looking for. That clip art isn’t exactly what I’ll use; my faucet will have threads to attach a garden hose. 

To foil a mole !!

Break time; lunch time. A small, ugly mole is not going to get the best of me!! I’m tired of stepping ankle-deep in his tunnels!! I’ll keep laying thirty-seven pound cement paving blocks until I have the ground covered!! Next trip to Builder’s Supply: Twenty-eight more blocks. ~~ I hadn’t planned to extend the patio to the left of the rain barrels BUT the nuisance forced me to.

Time and temperature

Ant killer

Weeded and raked

Moles love earthworms

To discourage the mole

Time and temperature

Blocked moved from here

Mole poison