Productive morning !!

Ready for the task

Getting started

Time and temperature

Twelve down, two to go

Partially complete

All 14 are downAccomplished more than anticipated this morning. I only planned to put down three or four blocks but all went well and all fourteen were in place.


Roof repair

Table is going bye-bye

Table and chairs are going bye-bye

Table & chairs were in front of window

Table before going bye-bye


Additional positive tasks: Roof repair. She came to help adjust the TV antenna. Then Maintenance arrived to take the table and chairs (as a donation for CARE garage sale). For many years that table (and a twin) held my computer, printer, microfiche reader, scanner and the research material I was currently working on. It served me well when preparing  LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions (book) and Frantz Families–Kith & Kin (in three volumes). Living in a 5th-wheel trailer demands “downsizing.”


Best appearance in seven monthsOne-thirty and I finally stopped for lunch (a big salad). From flooding during each storm, there has always been debris in that area.  Slowly, very slowly, my yard is becoming more attractive (IMHO).


Overnight, new mole tunnel

Another mole tunnelPostscript, Friday, September 26, 11:45 AM: See why I must cover the ground in my yard?? An old lady can twist an ankle stepping in one of those tunnels!! Those are new overnight or early this morning.

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