Exploring “Intentional Communities”

Click on the link for an introduction to Intentional Communities. I’m researching… and hope to find my “eventual new home.” At my age (84) life is “too short” to continue to live next door to a nasty landlady!!

What are the different kinds of communities?

Every single day 1,400 people visit the online Communities Directory.
That is about 2 unique individuals every single minute! About 40,000 people per month — About 1/2 million every year!
People are searching for communities to learn about and to be inspired by.
They want to connect to and visit places that have changed the rules and developed their own cultures. They want to find their next home or adventure. They want to find other founders to build community together.
From over 1,000 intentional communities of a variety of types, focuses, philosophies, geographies, and methods, people are finding ways to gain perspective on and to act on sustainability, cooperation, and possibility.

Afterthought: I did my research regarding emissions from cell towers. I don’t want to live a very short distance from a tower.

One comment on “Exploring “Intentional Communities”

  1. Jimmie says:

    Can you find another site in the park where you are?

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