Change of plans !!

A knock on the door and a voice says “I’ve got your tree.” I sputtered like a motorboat: “but, but, but, but, but.” When I was told it is an Oak tree, slow-growing but will eventually be huge, I said “Not a good idea to have it close to the storage building where it might break up the concrete, or limbs rub the roof.” Dave (Maintenance Manager) suggested we look around for another location. “How about in the middle between those two trees?” So, that’s the plan. The tree was already looking “droopy” so I rushed to get a container for water, and an old mattress pad to wrap around the roots. I’ll keep the root-ball saturated. When he is available, James will dig the hole.

One thing leads to another: This evening, when it’s cooler, I’ll move the frame with decorative small bottles. (Ninety-four degrees as I type this at two PM and “feels like” one-hundred-four.) 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


James said the heat doesn’t bother him. It “bothers” Lorraine!! While James was working, we had about 200 big rain drops that cooled the air.



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