BIG scanning project !!

BIG day; accomplished meaningful projects. Early morning: Watered the plants. (Lots of thirsty plants.) Mid-morning: Started scanning LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions. Here’s the first 17 pages –of two-hundred-sixty-two pages. (All pages scanned; the first seventeen contain  interesting information.) Soon the whole wide world can access the information regarding more than three-thousand individuals. (They don’t need to buy from Abe Books and pay $25.00. I sold the books for $20.00 in 1989-1990.) This was my first jaunt into genealogical research and it was a wonderful foundation for my later projects. In the early years, LaVerne was a “Brethren” community. My grandparents moved there and enrolled their sons in the Brethren college so they were thus exempt from service in World War One. (Brethren were “conscientious objectors.”) Reading the inscriptions gave me a wealth of Brethren surnames (that is valuable to this very day–researching on Ancestry).

Early afternoon, in the heat, provided a tub of water and wet pad for the Oak tree with wilted leaves. Numerous trips to “water” the tree and saturate the mattress pad. Before James arrived to plant the tree, I moved the frame with decorative bottles.

This evening, I rigged the garden hose so there will be a trickle of water, all night, at the base of the tree. ~~ Yes, a BIG day!!

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