Look what Santa brought !!

TV antenna

PreamplifierCorrection: Look what FedEx brought. Seriously, though, this is my Christmas present to myself. I’ll be able to watch Christmas programs–especially fine features on PBS. And, baring anything unforeseen, I’ll be able to watch Downton Abbey.

Dave brought an antennaOne more package en route–the rotator. As mentioned in Damsel in distress; Sir Galahad to the rescue, I have a new friend who offered to put up a new antenna for me. Dave loaned his antenna to see if I can pick up Houston stations. His does… so we ordered something similar. I am over seventy miles from Houston so need an antenna with special features. Furthermore, we are adding a preamplifier and a rotator.

Smiley face Santa

FYI: Several items were available as “used” at a reduced price. Nothing appears “used” or abused. All this for $157.07. I have a neighbor lady that spends that much per month with Dish or Direct satellite.

2 comments on “Look what Santa brought !!

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