Ate too much !!

Shirley and Becky


Mary at dessert table

Lorraine in her fancy apron

Helen and Nina

Handsome George

CARE residents

– – –

CornicopiaCloseup of LorraineShame, shame on Lorraine!! So many delicious potluck dishes!! Couldn’t resist sampling!! BUT, unforgivable, the battery was almost dead on the camera. An excellent opportunity for pictures. The group picture of several CARE residents.

2 comments on “Ate too much !!

  1. Deb says:

    Your hair looks great! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Deb, I agree!! I felt “pretty” after the hair-do by our friend, Joe. He does hair cuts, and styles, every other Friday. It is “free” but a suggested donation of $10.00. I always give $20.00 because he does such a good job (and I’m covering for those that can’t/won’t give). He sets up shop right in the large ladies shower-room/restroom at CARE. But Joe advertised about a month ago that he would do eight styles “free” on Thanksgiving morning. ~~ Recognizing that sometimes I need to be a “receiver,” I signed up. ~~ The group picture demonstrates his artistry for several residents.

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