Planter project for neighbor

Many months ago, a lady-friend expressed the desire for planters in front of her porch. On a very nice Wednesday afternoon, February 10, I started the project. First, I began to hydrate a block of coconut fiber (coir). Second, I added some old, and new, planter soil. Mark down plants–purchased at Lowe’s last Fall–are ready for transplant. ~~ I checked the Old Farmer’s Almanac for information because I’m eager to give the plants the best possible start. Fortunately, gratefully, it is an ideal time to transplant/plant by the moon. (“More bang for the buck.”) Currently, midget-size plants in relation to the super-size planters but Cape Honeysuckle, Mexican Petunia, and Lantana will thrive in that sunny location.

Before positioning planters

One of three planters

Planter soil

Beats Peat image

.~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

Continuing, Thursday, February 11, 4:00 PM: I’m weary; strenuous exercise!! ~~ I lost sleep last night thinking about problem of planters under the eaves. One hard rain and the planters would be flooded (and “drought resistant” plants would suffer–and die?). ~~ I questioned my friend and relocation was fine with her (or no planters at all). To move the planters further from porch is prohibited because they would interfere with riding lawn mower. ~~ Two containers, adding soil, and transplanting six plants, were enough lifting for this old lady. The third planter will be added soon.

Temperature at two-fifty

Change of plans

One planter at new location

Mexican Petunia

Mexican Petunia and Cape Honeysuckle

Ready to start a new batch of soil

Postscript, Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 2:00 PM: Completed the project this morning.

Smiley face two thumbs up

Eleven-eleven and seventy-one degrees


Holes in third container

Holes in bottom of container (close up)

Styrofoam in bottom of container

Empty soil container

Almost ready to transplant Lantana

Completed project

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