Busy afternoon !!

After a “Celebration of Life,” I tackled some projects in my yard. For the second time in one week, I worked with hoses in an effort to eliminate water leak. Strenuous work to cut the insulation off the original hose. Another day, I’ll try to find the leak, cut hose, attach fitting, reconnect. Then I folded the sheets, tablecloths, shower curtain and specialized frost covers. When the weather permits, I’ll work with the coconut fiber planter soil, and cactus soil. Most of the planters have been removed from the tarp shelter. Pray with me that I don’t regret exposing all my plants to the elements; pray with me that we don’t have another freeze!!!! (Six-fifteen PM and weather man just said “one more cool night.” Gratefully, nothing to worry about forecast for the next ten days.)

Changed hoses

Soggy wet area

Insulation cut off hose

Frost covers folded

Cactus soil

Holes in bottom of planter

Time and temperature

Beautiful Kalanchoe

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