Eighty-one reasons to use apple cider vinegar !!

Raw apple cider vinegar has been a staple in my cupboard for decades. Today I read this article on the Internet and rushed to gargle for my sore throat. I’d been gargling with salt water. Perhaps I’ve “caught a cold”?

ACV First Aid: Sore Throat

Most of the time a sore throat is nothing serious—and if caught early enough a common sense remedy like ACV can save you hours of time wasted at the doctor’s office—and a hefty co-pay IF you have insurance!

In cases of viral infection, antibiotics don’t help—but that doesn’t keep doctors from over-prescribing unnecessary medication that could make matters worse.


• 1/4 cup ACV
• 1/4 cup filtered water

At first sign of sore throat
Mix ACV with water
Gargle with this solution for at least 30 seconds
Rinse with Water
Repeat several times

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cold–or no cold–I didn’t let it slow me down!! I completed a garden project; see my earlier blog titled Planter project for neighbor.

Honestly, I also accomplished a dozen other projects. No pictures. Now it is time to “sit down and relax.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Transplanted tomatoes

Tomato plants in shopping cart

Time and temperatureLate afternoon project: Transplanted the four little pots into the previously prepared planter (in shopping cart).

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