Productive morning !!

One more Mandevilla to plant!! The “free” container (from recent delivery of trees to CARE) is stabilized with a 2 x 4, and screwed to the fence post. If the several Mandevilla survive, and thrive, the Hummingbirds will be very happy!! Alternating with planter project, I was mixing more coconut fiber (coir) with not-so-old soil. ~~ Believe it or not, I’ve used my large collection of “pebbles for planters” (friends and neighbors were so generous with vitamin and prescription plastic containers). For the bottom of third container (for my neighbor-lady-friend), I cut up a couple of Styrofoam containers. They will be drainage when I get “a round tuit.” (I’m too pooped to do it today!!) ~~ It’s cooler today but still extremely nice and a great day to work in the yard. Seventy-three degrees (outdoors) as I type this at two-twenty. (I’m indoors for a brief rest and cold water.) ~~ I transplanted a number of  pink Chi Chi Ruellia into planters with purple Mexican Petunia. They are the same “family” but Mexican Petunia are tall and Ruellia are small. (Forgot to take pictures; too tired.)

Styrofoam peanuts

Nasty old stump

Hummingbirds love Mandevilla

Old soil

Empty of old soil

Empty of coconut fiber

Cutting Styrofoam

Lots of Styrofoam cubes

Bleaching the fountain

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