S.O.S. !!

Sick Old Senior.

Cold suffererA “cold” has slowed me down!! Actually, it brought me to a standstill. Beautiful weather; so much to do in the yard!! The weeds are growing exponentially and need to be annihilated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript @ 4:00 PM: I went back to bed at nine o’clock but was on my feet, and dressed, by nine-thirty. Too much to do; I didn’t  stop until approximately four PM. Lettuce seedlings are in the Garden Tower. Green onions, radishes, and Redina lettuce seeds sown in “starter.” More details on my other blog.

Tomato plants getting morning sunshire

Tomato plants getting afternoon sunshine

Temperature at eleven-eleven

Transplanting lettuce

Ready to start over

A little Jiffy mix on top of each

Three more items

Soaking seeds

Temperature at four

Cucumber and bell pepper transplanted


The cucumber seedling, and bell pepper seedlings, were the first transplanted this morning but late afternoon before I thought to take a picture.

Spunky Old Senior??


“Too soon old, too late smart!” Seventeen hours later (postscript) and I realize I goofed when I planted radish and green onions. They are root vegetables and should be planted in a different phase of the moon. I’m “trying” for a successful garden; I’m studying Old Farmer’s Almanac (on-line) but mindlessly prepared the cubes and planted the seeds!!

3 comments on “S.O.S. !!

  1. Julie says:

    Feel better soon, Lorraine, and make sure you’ve completely kicked it before getting back to your activities.

  2. Deb says:

    I agree with Julie; getting rest helps your immune system. Don’t overdo it!

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