Five gallons a minute !!

Bailing water

Torn awning


Too much water for Money MossAfter many weeks without rain, we were drenched!! Sunday night/Monday morning we had a gentle rain (one inch) and I could “keep up” with the accumulation in the blue bucket. This morning, I could not “bail” water fast enough!! I COVET RAIN WATER (my plants love it)!! My rain barrels were empty and all that beautiful water would be lost if I didn’t “catch” it. Unfortunately, the awning tore in the last major wind storm so water pours off the awning at an inconvenient location (and I can’t/won’t move the rain barrels). Planters were swamped!! I’m surrounded by what I affectionately call Lake Lorraine.” ~~ Today’s “bailing” (water) and “shifting” (plants) is mild compared to my “work” the next few days: PULLING WEEDS!! ~~ FYI: “Deflappers” were ordered last week and I hope/pray they secure the corner of the awning so run-off into the rain barrel.

Almost ten AM as I publish this. The rain has stopped, the sky is clearing and I think there is a hint of sunshine.

My cold is better; I’m on-the-mend!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, same day, three-forty PM: The wind is relentlessly whipping the awning; my trailer is rockin ‘n rollin!! I wanted to work in the yard but “too cold” (even with a coat). ~~ A CARE resident lady-friend phoned to offer me some plants before she tossed them in the trash. I walked to her trailer–with a planter–and rescued a large clump of unknown perennial. BUT before the trip to her home, I found the drenching rain had invaded my tarp-shelter. I dumped copious amounts of water out of  starter planters. There is, conservatively, thirty gallons of water sagging the tarp on the back side. “Too cold,” and I’d need to borrow a ladder, so that task will wait until tomorrow.

 Livingston, TX (77351) Weather

Observed at 3:25 pm CST
62°F  Feels Like 60°

Cloudy / Wind

Wind:  W 20 mph

Humidity  66%

Dew Point  51°F

Pressure  29.57 in

Visibility  9.0 mi

UV Index  1 of 10

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript: The 5:00 PM evening TV news meteorologist said the wind gusts are thirty-five to thirty-nine miles per hour!! ~~ I’m not going out to measure but I suspect the awning has torn another three or four inches. 😦

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript: The 10:00 PM TV news meteorologist confirmed the wind has been gusting between thirty-five and thirty-nine miles per hour!! He said “…and thirty-nine is ‘tropical force’.” Overnight, temperatures will drop into the thirties (and my plants are vulnerable). ~~ Much damage in Louisiana and other southern states from this storm. Severe damage in an RV Park, deaths at another location. 

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