Grow your own veggies

Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box 2

I’m very happy with my Garden Tower 2 but found the alternative and thought I’d share with my readers. Frankly, I think I can grow more veggies in my tower or, stated another way, several Mini-Farm Grow Boxes would be as expensive (or more so) than my Garden Tower.

Either way, I encourage you to invest in your own health; grow your own veggies!!

2 comments on “Grow your own veggies

  1. Jan Gribble says:

    Earth boxes are larger and more suited to vegetable gardening. An earth box is significantly cheaper than the Mini-Farm Grow box (which appears to be one of the multitudes of “take-offs” from the Earth Box.) I also have two Garden Towers – an original and the newer version. The Garden Tower is better suited to non-vining plants while vining plants such as cucumbers, squash, peas, etc. do very well in Earth boxes. Customer service with both companies are excellent.

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