S.O.S. & OMG !!

Sleepless Old Senior and Oh my goodness!!

The wind was relentless; I could not sleep. Gratefully, the wind has subsided (8:00 AM). Look: Consider the force of the wind that toppled a planter full of wet soil.

Toppled planter

Awning is torn

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cold and wind-blown, I’m back again at twelve-thirty. The wind has less force than yesterday but very disagreeable to work in!! **BUT** there were tasks demanding attention. As I approached one “must do,” I found another project, or two.

Temperature at noon

Replanted pepper

Gallons of water

Rain water was dipped out

Water is gone

Drying small planters

Wet marigold seeds

Planted marigold seeds

Fan drying soaked area

Two inches of rain


Air drying the planters

Mid-afternoon, I hoped to accomplish a few more task in the yard. I was limited to separating the planters. It is too disagreeable outdoors!!

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