X-hausted !!

The “target” project, for today, was organization of the shelter. But I raked pine needles, swept debris, hosed off debris, and much more. I’m closer to that day when I move perennial plants under cover when TV meteorologist’ advise us of freezing temperatures. Read Salvage… to Splendid for shelter construction pictures.

Lots of clutter

More clutter

Moved items along trailer

Ready to move the pipe


Getting organized

Where will I put these

Looking better

Looking good

Getting ready for plants

Stepping plastic

Lumber and pipe


Also wrestled the “tie down” anchors into position. Beastly heavy but manageable with my little hand truck. Read Oh my aching back.”

Anchors, East side

Anchors, West side


Smiley face femaile with winkI’m not complaining: Excellent exercise, lots of fresh air!!

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