Salvage… to splendid !!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” In my humble opinion, my “storage shelter” will be “splendid”!! It is truly remarkable how David took salvaged pieces of pipe and engineered a structure that will withstand an earthquake. The five cement “anchors” weight over one-hundred pounds each. The wind won’t topple them!! Pipes slide together; pipes slide into angled “joints”; screws hold them so they won’t wiggle apart.  We’ll make every effort to secure the camouflage tarp but recognize that a hurricane could rip away “the roof.” (Hopefully, no hurricane!!) ~~ The first two pictures show the completed structure.

The finished structure

Five anchors

Carport canopyAllow me to take you back to the beginning… and bring the pictures up-to-date. To the left, an Internet picture that suggests the original retail item. ~~ David graciously hauled the long-neglected, rusty, dirty pieces from the yard of a friend (at Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park).


Construction site


Sorting by sizes and suitability

Maybe I can beg some cement

Number one of five

Number two of five

See the hooks?

Bad news

Five of five

Starting the shelter

Trying this, trying that

Just a few more pieces

Engineer at work

Screws so it doesn't wiggle apart

Smiley face two thumbs up

Smiley face thank you (2)

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