Jumped the gun ??

Premature, perhaps, but I unexpectedly found myself moving plants into the shelter. Good thing, too, because I realize I have “too many” for an urgent relocation if/when freezing temperatures arrive. Because they were scattered all around my trailer, I didn’t realize how many planters contained perennials. With two tarp-flaps open, the plants will still get lots of light–and certainly lots of warmth.

Cleaned flower pots

Nested flower pots

Moved a few into the shelter

Over a dozen under cover


My yard takes a lot of work–and a lot of energy!! Still more planters… but too heavy for me to lift. “Too heavy” medium-size planters!! The “giant” planters on the “back side” of my trailer will stay in place and get covered when foul weather dictates.

Many of the plants, in the last picture (above), were mark-downs from Lowe’s. I hope to have healthy plants ready for Spring projects. Several of my fellow CARE residents want to start planters–so “we” will have a head-start.


Eighty-two at four

Forecast for the week

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