Unadvertised “goodbye” party ?

Privately I looked at the RV Park residents and said my silent “goodbye.” We were celebrating a birthday and an anniversary at our regular Sunday evening ice cream social. Some folks knew of my pending move and asked questions and extended best wishes. This has been my home for six years; it’s hard to say “goodbye” to friends and acquaintances. However, “new” friends and acquaintances are waiting for me one-hundred-eighty miles away, in Waco.

Two Aleve morning ?

Two Aleve in the early afternoon. More crawling around (this morning) with spray can of rug shampoo and a scrub brush. OMG, the odor of rug shampoo is overwhelming!! I have the door and a window open for ventilation. A gloomy day but warm enough to have door and window open. ~~ Keep your fingers crossed for me or say a prayer because a man stopped to look at the 5th-wheel and appears very interested. I will be eternally grateful if I can sell the trailer before I drive back to Waco!! ~~ Where does the time go? I couldn’t believe it was “afternoon” when I sat down (to rest) and prepare this message.

Break time ?

“Old lady” is vacuuming and cleaning the carpet. Crawling around on her hands and knees getting the corners! ~~~~ Actually, a dozen things captured my attention between the start of this message and publication. The important note-worthy project: A trip to Livingston (with the buyer of the cargo trailer) and ownership was transferred. Then a trip to the Bank with the money!! (Hallelujah!!) Books were delivered to the local library for their “Friends of the Library” book sale. Numerous genealogy books donated to the library’s genealogy department.


“The old lady” can safely say her ducks are all in a row.  The end of this “nightmare move” is within sight. However, “yours truly”  (the old lady) is eager for a buyer for the 5th-wheel trailer home.

Second trip to Waco, Texas…

…with Lorraine’s “earthly goods.”

Not very flattering picture of Lorraine enjoying Chinese Buffet (taken by Mark).


“Old lady” went to bed at 7:59 PM and gratefully slept well for seven hours. Wide awake at 3:00 AM and these pictures (and blog) prepared Friday, December 27th.

BIG day !!

Too many interruptions!! I went to the Christmas dinner in the RV Park Activity Center (after a morning loading the cargo trailer).  Then a long walk with a friend and her dog. A visit followed in my yard. Shortly after I returned to loading the trailer, another visitor arrived and more conversation. Although it was getting dark, I continued to load items into the cargo trailer. The trailer–and Lorraine–needs to ready to “go” at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I surmise that items that don’t get into the trailer will end up as donations to Habitat for Humanity. In a week or more, my car will be full of the things I’m holding out to “make do” while still in Livingston, Texas. No room for miscellaneous stuff. ~~ This brief message before I go to bed early hoping and praying I can get a good night’s sleep. Second load to Waco tomorrow.