The story I didn’t write !!

The following was posted in the Gallery (of relevant information) for each of the highlighted individuals. Three days were devoted to searching for and documenting this family. There are thirteen individuals in the immediate family plus spouses and their children. Frequently I find an extra bit of information with each individual–information that would be overlooked if I limited myself to the “hints” provided by Ancestry. It all started so innocently with the search for information regarding the spouse of “cousin.”

I’m a “storyteller” with articles published in Mennonite Family History. A story begs to be written about this family. Find this information as one of several “comments” attached to the record of Owen Homer Cripe. Observation: Owen’s mother died nine months after he was born. Where was he during the time between her death (1890) and his documented residency, in 1900, in “Old Folks & Orphan Home”?? The 1900 Federal Census for Carbon County, Wyoming, lists the father, David E. Cripe, and three siblings. The 1900 Federal Census for Carroll County, Indiana, lists an older brother as “inmate” in “Poor Asylum.” That brother, Levi, died in the same institution in 1904. The 1900 Federal Census for Allen County, Indiana, lists another older brother as “inmate” at “Indiana School for Feeble-Minded Youth.” (Actually, I had to do a Google search because the death record listed I.S.F.M.Y.) That brother, Joseph, died in the same institution in 1901. The 1900, 1910, 1920, & 1930 Federal Census for Allen County, Indiana, lists a sister, Minnie, as an “inmate” at “Indiana School for Feeble-Minded Youth.” She died there in 1954. ~~~ There’s more to this family than public records reveal?! Truthfully, I have been emotionally distraught as I searched for records and documented this family.

I’m still in my pajamas; no breakfast; no lunch!! Definitely, time to walk away from two computers simultaneously working with this family. The data is up-to-the-minute as complete as humanly possible.

Four hours & subtracting


Tackling projects is difficult when this old lady gets so few hours sleep. As mentioned in earlier blog messages, I try a wide variety of natural sleep aids. On the positive side: My mind is so busy I may ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Only this morning, Dr. Oz was talking about the disease and said brain activity is important.

Bone weary !!

Too many hours, yesterday, at the computer “climbing the family tree.” I got lost in the search for information about a “collateral line” individual. I should have walked away but it was a challenge. Now my head is swimming with ideas for a story. The story is begging to be written because the details are so unusual the reader will think it’s fiction. I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 this morning after seventeen hours marathon. Honestly, I don’t have time to write a story because major downsizing projects clutter my trailer home, patio and carport. “Downsize, donate, and discard”  are paramount.