Right or wrong ?

Not quite ten o’clock and I just ordered an air-mattress. This morning, I read numerous web sites with pros and cons regarding air-mattresses and concluded “pro.”  Sounds very positive to me and I have enjoyed a positive experience for fifteen nights. Time to return the queen-size mattress to my across-the-street-neighbor. (With the major expense of a “new” home, I can’t afford a “conventional” mattress!!)

When I lived (for six years) in my fifth-wheel trailer, I didn’t “need” furniture. My new home is spacious but lacking the things we find “built-in” a recreation vehicle (RV). A large table will be delivered any day (from Wayfair) so I’ll be able to set up my scanner and two laptop computers. I anticipate “more genealogy” and “less gardening.” (I still have many boxes of genealogy to scan and upload to Digitized Library of Family History. Perhaps updates to Frantz Families–Kith & Kin?)


Isn’t that cute clipart? “Greater than” and “less than” equals more genealogy and less gardening.   🙂

“Baby steps” ?

Every day I work to organize things in my new home. FYI: The new table will be in the foreground of picture number two.


The scene is Mabry Mill on my beloved Blue Ridge Parkway. (Oh, how I loved to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway from Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee, through North Carolina to Virginia, to the Skyline Drive [in Virginia]  to Front Royal, Virginia. I’d spend the night [in my T@B teardrop trailer] in the Walmart parking lot and return to the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway the next day.)

“Baby steps”  because an enormous number of projects to accomplish and I’m constantly questioning “Where do I put this?”  and “Where is ‘such and such‘?”  I need some warm weather so I can organize outdoor stuff and (example) find my tools. I compare myself to the proverbial one-arm paper-hanger  (lol).

Must do ?!

BIG afternoon: Terrifying traffic to and from Walmart.

After several dark gloomy rainy days, we had sunshine about 1:30 PM. I had no excuse; I had to go to Walmart for eyeglasses repair. After repair… I shopped the enormous store (maybe the largest Walmart I’ve visited?). I checked the prices of things I may purchase in the near future.

Question: Do I want to buy my own air mattress? I’m enjoying the air mattress borrowed from a new neighbor.  Is it possible the air mattress contributes to my good night’s sleep? An air mattress is considerably less expensive than a conventional mattress!! Decisions, decisions!!

A “cold front” is coming and we’ll have about ten days of unpleasant weather. Now I have enough groceries to meet my needs. No further immediate need to drive eight miles, round-trip, to shop Walmart.

Now I will return to documenting the family of a new acquaintance cousin. As mentioned frequently: I love the challenge “climbing the family tree.”

Worth repeating ?

For many months, I could not enjoy a good night’s sleep. I tried many “sleep aids” but they didn’t solve the problem of sleepless nights. Lack of sleep meant I was tired during the day and lack of energy for endless tasks. Thankfully, in my new home, I am enjoying ten, eleven or twelve hours of good sleep.