An evening out

Twenty CARE residents, staff and guests went to a restaurant on the shore of Lake Livingston (adjacent to the KOA). Some of us sat outside on the deck overlooking the lake; some sat in the extremely cold air-conditioned building. ~~ Look at my hair; humidity makes it curl. My hair has always been straight as a string, baby-fine, but now it is curly. ~~ I’ve been at CARE for almost eight months and this is the first time I’ve joined an outing. Good food; great fellowship!! ~~ (Believe it or not [in the picture]: I was servings as cane (or crutch) for Butch. For some unknown reason… the walkers and wheel chairs were never off-loaded from the bus.)

Helen heading into restaurant

Leaving the bus

Ordering dinner

Nina and Bert

Butch & George


Butch & Lorraine

One comment on “An evening out

  1. Deb says:

    Looking good!

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