Never too old to learn ?!

Family Tree (cropped and edited) with almost three thousand

Wow!! A new feature tried and something interesting learned. I haven’t known how to work with “screen print.” (I’ve been using computers for almost forty years and “never too old to learn” something new.) In truth, I wanted to discover “how” so I could post an image when I reach 3,000 individuals on my Family Tree. We’ll settle for this image; is that okay?

Climbing the family tree in black and whiteTrue story: I subscribed to Ancestry a couple of years ago and NEVER did much (a waste of money). I’m up for renewal and decided to be involved rather than cancel. That explains my recent obsessive/compulsive addiction to “climbing the family tree.”  (Furthermore, it has been too hot to work in my garden!! Thus, hours at the computer.)


Tree hugger with stick figureMany years ago I was using the Roots3 genealogy software program. I had more than forty thousand (40,000) individuals well documented–and prepared and published Frantz Families–Kith & Kin (1996). My computer crashed…; yes, I had “tape backups” but was never able to restore the database. I’ve only “dabbled” with genealogy since… but still have a fondness for it. Will my Ancestry database reach forty thousand?  It’s possible; I have enough extended family, collateral lines, for a forest.

One comment on “Never too old to learn ?!

  1. Joan Bowes says:

    I know the pain of losing data due to a computer crash. I have had that experience twice. I received your invitation to view your family tree. Thanks much

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