Research is very fascinating !!

Smiley face with magnifying glassAt least four hours were spent trying to resolve a problem I observed with this individual on my family tree. Can you see it?? My record is on the right; another researchers data on the left. I’m obsessive for accuracy!! I resolved… to my satisfaction. I deleted this woman from my family tree and posted comments on my individuals (and on “the other guys” record).

Eliza Jane Hume on Ancestry


The following (below) is a comment I posted with Eliza “Jane” Hume (1853-1879). I had a problem with the name similarity and birth dates. I’ve checked and double-checked and feel my conclusion is accurate. I post my thoughts here in hopes other researchers will correct their database. I cannot locate the source for middle name “Jane.”

Dear Hume Researcher: I’m trying to accurately document this family (with my ancestor Melissa Jane Hume). Today (8/25/15) I believe Eliza “Jane” Hume never existed. I believe she is Elizabeth A. ~~ In the many records of Elizabeth and Isaac Gore, she (Elizabeth) is called Eliza, ~~ The source of death date 7 Jan 1879, for Eliza Jane, is limited to ten (yes, 10) family tree(s). I’ll search Wellington, Sumner Co., Kansas, for documentation. ~~ There are two official sources that indicate Eliza Ann Hume Gore died in Wellington, Kansas.

I find it alarming that Eliza A. Hume appears in twelve family trees and two “trees” have her death date listed as 1879 but proceed to list her husband and eight children. ~~ In my humble opinion, Elizabeth Ann Hume was married to Isaac “Ike” Gore. The children’s names and birth dates support my opinion. ~~ I will remove Eliza A./Eliza “Jane” (1853-1879) from my family of Joel P. Hume and Nancy E. Vernon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Smiley face detectivePlaying detective is so much fun!!

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