The finish line

Walking ladyEighty-six hours!!

Quaker oatsWalked a mile–between 6:45 and 7:15–before the sun came up. Seventy-five degrees in the shade but heading for high nineties (with “feels like” temperatures over one-hundred).

It’s 7:30 and Quaker Oats are very slowly cooking (from cold water) so will be creamy and delicious. No milk, just oats and some agave nectar (natural sweetener).

Feeling good!!

Time and temperature at twelve-thirtyPostscript: 12:50, after lunch. In the CARE dining room: BBQ chicken, potato salad and baked beans. Those might be “too heavy” for my system?! But I had limited portions. No fresh salad, no bread, no dessert. ~~ I’m keeping a journal to analyse how my body reacts to certain foods. I’ll evaluate salads, and fruit, on another day.

Look, 101 degrees when I returned from lunch. The “feels like” temperature is 113 (per the Internet).

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