Seventy hours and counting

Number seventySeventy hours resonates (to me) as an admirable milepost.

Here’s a rundown of my day: Awake at 6:38 but did not get up until 7:06. Jumped into my clothes and out the door at 7:24; walked for fifty minutes, 1.11 mile, 3542 steps.  (Those steps are worth noting because, last week, there were days when I had less than 100 steps all day!!) It was 75 degrees when I left my home and 77 degrees when I returned.

Temperature at tenTen o’clock (86 degrees) and too hot and humid to work in the yard. Furthermore, a couple of days ago I pulled so many weeds I created pain in my right shoulder. After being sedentary for several weeks (due to extreme heat) my legs and hips are aching. That old saying: “Use it or lose it.” If one does not continue to exercise on a regular basis, the body deteriorates!!

Lots of water; lots of herb tea. Coffee would taste so good?!

One o’clock: I have a headache but, gratefully, do not feel hungry. I should go shopping for bird seed–and food for myself. I should have juice but am relying on the small GoGo packages of juice (from the CARE Center). Frankly, I don’t have any energy to drive into Livingston and shop.

Temperature at two

Temperature at three

Temperature at four


Publishing this blog at four-thirty. Almost three full days….

Number eight in black and whiteNext goal: More than eighty hours!!

Quaker oatsI plan to prepare old-fashioned rolled oats for breakfast tomorrow (24th). Then I’ll cautiously introduce food back into my diet–and evaluate my reaction to it. I believe my “fast” experiment proves my abdominal distress is/was food related. I’m suspicious; coffee may have been my nemesis??



No coffee

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