Fasting et cetera

No food; no computer!! I’m “doctoring” my tummy and my headache. Perhaps a water fast will cleanse my system?? Indubitably, my eyes and brain can use a rest from incessant attention to genealogy!! ~~ Forty hours–and counting!!

No symbol sign

Computer with man and coffee and post-it notes

Smiley face headache


Stomach tied up in knots

Happy face coffee cup with tea bag

Water bottle with water drop happy face

Walking lady

Digital counter


Be honest; you were tired of my pictures of thermometers and TV images of meteorologist’ with weather reports. You were bored with pictures of my yard. Do you like the variety of clip art??

Smiley face two thumbs up winkingI was so optimistic about my endeavor, I prepared this blog message on Friday (21st) at three in the morning. Scheduled it for publication on Saturday (22nd) at ten in the morning.

Here’s another number (at 3 AM): 5.6 GB of data in less than nine days. Gratefully, it is free WiFi from the CARE Center. On August 13th (in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep) I searched the Internet for a software program to monitor my Internet usage. I was/am curious!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Time and temperaturePostscript: Well-l-l-l… almost no computer. A long walk this morning but I should have scheduled it earlier. I’m dripping wet with sweat!! Yesterday, I was dripping wet from an unexpected rain shower.

One comment on “Fasting et cetera

  1. seeinsilver says:

    You need to get out more – go eat some BBQ. Texas is a big place with lots to see! You can waste your life in front of the computer!

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