“Oh, what a beautiful morning; oh, what a beautiful day !!”

Temperature at three

Smiley face female singingA day devoted to my yard–and the neighbor’s yard. The morning was delightful–in the 80’s. I made the long-overdue trip into Livingston for birdseed. While at Tractor Supply, I saw a very tall Shepherd’s Hook and it was better than the one I’ve designed and planned to have built at a local welding shop. I need an exceptionally tall one so I can see the feeders from my “opposite side” windows. Feeders will also be enjoyed by my new next door neighbor. I got carried away because I purchased three Shepherd’s Hooks!! I have at least two dozen bird feeders (although some are in storage), but I saw two new ones to compliment the new “side yard” project. (Pictures at a later date.)

Next stop, Lowe’s, to see if any mark-down plants I might want. None!! I purchased several plants at retail price.  There were several trellis’ on sale so I purchased three!! (I only needed one–for the “side yard”–but the price was right!!) I did not want to leave plants in a hot car–while grocery shopping–so came home. Home at eleven… and I’ve spent several hours working in the yard. Remarkably, I was able to spend time in the garden because no humidity. This is only a brief respite; miserable heat will be with us until October. ~~ I won’t transplant until Fall; I doubt the plants would survive the shock.

Hopefully, I have not aggravated my shoulder problem. I’ve been in severe pain for about a week and attribute it to pulling a muscle while recently pulling weeds. Aspercreme and Aleve provide temporary relief. Furthermore, I did not lift the fifty pound bag of bird seed; I asked a big, strong, healthy man for help. ~~ Birds are happy!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two Shepherd's Hooks and feeders

Work in progress

‘Tis “later.” (8:00 PM)


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