Pity poor Cereus ?!

Thanks to a lady who reads my blog, I learned the name of the plant. Then I read instructions on several web sites: Wikipedia, (1) How to…, and (2) How to…. From Tips for growing night-blooming Cereus, I read about “well-drained soil.” In the pictures, note that it was sitting in water (no drainage). Hopefully my novice approach gives the plant resurrection life.

When I brought it home

No drainage

Before I drilled larger holes

Better drainage

Still better drainage

Making the transfer

Awful mess in bottom of planter

Smiley face thumbs up thumbs down (best)

Instructions said to let the plant “trail” but I elected to add support for the very frail, brittle spine.


Hung a background

Picture perfect


GeckoI waited patiently hoping to get a picture of the Gecko with his red balloon puffed-up neck. He was making overtures toward the Cereus but I failed to capture the image. Below: A picture from the Internet.

Gecko with red ballon neck

One comment on “Pity poor Cereus ?!

  1. Deb says:

    That’s a chameleon (anole) like we have here in FL. Some people tame them and turn them into pets of sort.

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