Artist* at work ?!

Yesterday, I “frittered” the hours away inserting woven plastic(?) fabric in the bottom of a wrought metal former magazine rack. Why?? For the fun of it!! Goodness knows, I don’t need another planter. I’m confident the fabric will support soil–with drainage around edges secured with wire. The plant may, or may not, get transplanted. It’s another “orphan” plant I know nothing about. (4/18/16 update: See Surprise Bloom.)

Magazine rack planter (1)

Magazine rack planter (2)

Twenty-four inches tall (1)

Twenty-four inches tall (2)


Planter is framework of chair

In October, I inserted an attractive planter–and Mosquito plant–inside the framework of a former lawn chair. Yesterday, a planter fashioned from an old magazine rack and the fabric from the lawn chair.

It joins some other unique creations. (All-by-myself projects.)



Tomato planters


Bluebird house in planter

Planter with hanging baskets

Blocks with planter in background

Creating planters in chairs

Two chairs with planters

With strawberry plants

Tarp shelter for perennial plants

Planter in shopping cart

Tomato in shopping cart planter

Lorraine's veggie garden

Shade for Garden Tower


*What is art?? Some see it one way, some another. Have you seen Petersen Rock Garden in Oregon? Or Watts Towers in Los Angeles? Maybe you saw pictures of the yellow umbrellas on the hills north of Los Angeles??  ~~ Often, I’m taking “trash” and creating something I treasure.

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