Surprise bloom !!

BloomA few days ago, I published the blog message titled Artist at work. To my surprise, there is a bloom on the plant this morning. I’m curious…, time to check with Dave’s Garden!!


Magazine rack planter (1)

Twenty-four inches tall (1)


Twenty-four inches tall (2)Postscript, 7:00 PM: What a joy to receive answers to my plant questions!! (See the comment.) Callisia Fragrans: Lots of information on the Internet. My next question: Should I prepare hanging baskets, or planters?? There are shoots ready to move to a new location.


Callisia fragrans flash picturePostscript, April 20, 2016: During the afternoon, I transplanted the entire plant into a hanging basket. Maybe I’ll plant shoots at a later date. I thought a flash picture would be unique!!


New bloom on plantPostscript, April 28, 2016: A delicate bloom extending seven inches long. I’m speculating I have the plant hanging in an ideal location.

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