Brief reprieve ?!

It has stopped raining, temporarily, but more rain expected. The pictures are deceiving because you can’t see all the standing water. ~~ Counting my blessings!! “Historic flooding” in the Houston area. I’ve been following the TV coverage all day.

Almost one inch

Yard left to right

Yard center

Yard right to left

Near picnic table

Ankle deep water

Rain barrels are full

Planter full of water

Planter with ginger root

Saturated Calibrachoa


I love my garden; I love my tarp shelter!! But it requires a lot of attention!! Before the next storm, I moved the ladder into position, climbed the ladder and bailed the water from top of the tarp shelter.


Postscript, 6:00 PM: The statement hasn’t been documented on Google yet but Houston NBC-TV is saying “Second largest flood in U.S. recorded history.” That’s a very strong statement and I’ll try to locate verification. I suspect they mean Houston history. The local television coverage is endless; NBC evening news with Lester Holt was preempted.

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