Good grief, no A/C !!

Temperature at one-fifteenReportedly, this is the day Houston will document one-hundred degrees on the thermometers. Some locations have already recorded one-hundred, and I had one-hundred on my thermometer one day. Well-l-l-l-l-l, I guess the heat finally got the best of my air-conditioner. The first time it clicked “off,” I was smart enough to check the breakers. After I repositioned the breakers, the A/C ran for a few minutes and clicked off again.  I’ve been to my on-site storage shed for an oscillating fan but the storage shed must be 350 degrees and I won’t take time to shift things around and extricate it. Maybe this evening?? Frankly, I should have “planned ahead” and had it available!!!! ~~ Smiley face sweatingI’m a masochist (lol); I’m going to see how long I can survive in the hot trailer before retreating to the CARE Center. I want to take pictures as the temperature climbs!! ~~ FYI: My A/C has been running day and night for about two weeks. Previous years, I was able to turn off the A/C at night. We have had extreme heat this Spring and early Summer!!


Summer heat

Temperature at two

Temperature at three

Temperature at four

Thermometer It's Getting Hotter

Temperature at five


Temperature at six

Temperature at sevenThe air-conditioner was turned on at six o’clock and seems (at seven) to be slowly cooling the trailer. Between six and seven, the A/C didn’t click off. All afternoon, I’ve been “hanging out” in the CARE Center.


Temperature at eight

Temperature at nine

Smiley face two thumbs up winking


Temperature at ten

Temperature at twelve midnight

Temperature at three AM

Temperature at six

Temperature at seven

Smiley face very good


Good relief: A/C seems OK!!

One comment on “Good grief, no A/C !!

  1. You are just having an awful day!!! Mary Beth & Earl

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