Kudzu bugs

I laughingly told my next door neighbor I was “overworked and underpaid” when he inquired “how are you?”.  I’ve added pest control to the long list of things I do in the garden.  Last year I had an infestation of Kudzu bugs.  I hoped they would not return–but they have.  I was just on-line (Bing) searching for the answer to “how to kill the kudzu bug.”  There are lots of web sites and this message is brand-new (date-wise).  Kudzu bugs are on my Scarlet Runner Bean (in the back yard) and Sweet Potato Vine (in the front yard).  There are no Kudzu vines in the vicinity to my knowledge.  Yesterday I sprayed an Ortho chemical.  Late this afternoon, I repeated the process. From web info, I may not master this problem.  I’m really sensitive to odors and–as you might imagine–the Ortho chemical smells very bad.  Naturally I got some spray on me, and my clothes, so I’m sitting here inhaling stinky fumes.  If I can’t eradicate the bugs I’ll have to destroy my plants.  I love Scarlet Runner Bean because it grows fast and has lots of beautiful red flowers enjoyed by the Hummingbirds.  I like the Sweet Potato Vine (hanging baskets) because very attractive plant.  (I bought four two weeks ago.)

I’ve spent almost the entire weekend doing projects in and for the garden.  AND, I prepared a couple of blog messages after downloading pictures from my camera–and editing the pictures.  I’m definitely getting a lot of exercise!!  (Exercise in the garden; nothing strenuous about sitting at a computer.)

Scarlet Runner Bean growing at the end of the patio.

Scarlet Runner Bean in planter.The Scarlet Runner Bean is growing from plastic container at far end of my patio.  With the exception of the Honeysuckle Vine, my backyard garden is  confined to “containers.”

Addendum: It has only been an hour (or one-and-one-half hours) since I sprayed.  My skin is itching and burning!!  Frankly as an individual that practices “holistic health,” I did not want to buy and use a chemical.  Bye, bye Ortho!!  Now I’m heading for the shower.

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