Do Bluebirds migrate ??

bluebird-with-magnifying-glass-bluebird-detectiveMy very first computer activity today involved searching for answers to my question: Do Bluebirds migrate? I’ve considered myself quite knowledgeable about Bluebirds but that “unknown” frustrates me. I could send you many links about my experiences (with Bluebirds) in North Carolina, and Texas. (“Search” my blog if you are curious.) I checked National Geographic (they should know?) but no definitive answer.

What prompted this interest and this question? After many months without a Bluebird at my feeder, I saw one (this morning) at the empty feeder. In my pajamas, I rushed to the storage building for mealworms and put a generous amount in the feeder. I suspect that particular Bluebird has been here before and knew “the old lady” spares no expense. I can answer my own question: “Yes, Bluebirds were gone during the extremely hot humid summer.”

Hummingbird plus Bluebird feeder

Hummingbird close up
Here is a link to a satisfying answer. I’m continuing to search the Internet for confirmation that heat and humidity are a factor.

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