Under the magnifying glass: Bluebirds

bluebird-with-magnifying-glassContrary to my comment in the earlier post, I’m publishing this blog with lots of links to earlier posts. Honestly, I have dozens of posts “under construction” and eventually publish them. The following was written (as indicated) on July 18, 2016, and (imho) begs to be a companion to Do Bluebirds migrate?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Yours truly” is passionate about Bluebirds!! I “fell in love” with them while living in North Carolina. On February 2, 2012, I published a blog message with a Bird’s Eye View from outside–and inside–my apartment. Honestly, there are dozens of blog messages devoted to my beloved Bluebirds. Bluebird on the brainIf interested, do s search of my blog. Because I recently moved the Bluebird house, I have “Bluebird on the brain” and decided to expand details. As I looked for substantiating information, Visitors Welcome [3/17/12] surfaced and I had to grin “Things haven’t changed much in four years four months [as I work on this 7/18/16, it is 4 years 4 months]. I’m still encouraging visitors and tell them ‘The welcome mats are out’.”

A lot of energy went into setting up Bluebird houses in several locations in the yard of my rented apartment (North Carolina). I spared no expense, I bought (almost) the most expensive “house” available (a bird house with a spy camera was more expensive).

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