My favorite meal !!

New England Boiled Dinner.

st-patricks-day-shamrockNot long ago, a friend invited me to dinner–and it was my favorite: Corned Beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. I was too polite to say “This doesn’t satisfy my craving for corned beef.” (I didn’t ask for a “doggie bag.”) Saint Patrick’s Day is a couple of weeks away; I’ll celebrate early!!

This morning, I grocery shopped–and spent more than $83.00. I “dwaddled” about two hours in the market because I read labels, etc., etc. I probably buy the most expensive items because I look for non-GMO, organic, whole wheat, etc. lol-green-and-yellowI don’t shop at Walmart; I go to a less-known store that my neighbors swear is “much more expensive.” Well, I’m worth it (lol)!! I’d like to think that I “paid it forward”–half my lifetime–conscientious about nutrition.

Smells delicious

Looks good

Plate full of food




Eleven white vasesEn route home (it was right on my way), I stopped at the SPCA thrift shop looking for bottles and/or vases. I especially need white, and red, for patriotic “tree” displays. My search was rewarded; I came home with eleven slender white (simulated milk glass) vases. I just have to continue to double-check Dollar Tree for red vases. “Patriotic” for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.


Red, white and blue vases and bottles

Blue bottles tree


“Eleven” is exactly how many I need for this bottle tree display. Thirty-two branches; three colors. Pictured (above left): A display that has been up since November voting, and Veteran’s Day.

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