Stick a Geranium in your hat and be happy !!

stick-a-geranium-in-your-hatPain is inevitable but misery is optional
So, Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy!!

As you well know (if you have been following my blog), I’m attempting to “downsize.” However, at every turn, I slow down to look at a book, etc., etc. This morning the above titled book caught my attention and I browsed it again. (Given to me by a dear friend in [perhaps] 2004 or 2005.)

The World’s Greatest Need

A little more kindness and a little less greed;
A little more giving and little less need;
A little more smile and a little less frown;
A little less kicking, a man when he’s down;
A little more “we” and a little less “I”;
A little more laughs and a little less cry;
A little more flowers on the pathway of life;
And fewer on graves at the end of the strife.

  • author unknown

Ha haLikewise, this caught my eye:
“If only I could get that wonderful feeling of accomplishment without having to accomplish anything.” by Ashleigh Brilliant

I’m overwhelmed by my projects–and proposed projects!! Every time I open a box, there is a reminder of the family that has rejected me. I live with that pain daily.

She waited for the call
that never came; searched every mail
for a letter, or a note,
or card,
that bore his name;
and on her knees
at night
and on her feet
all day, she stormed Heaven’s Gate
in his behalf;
she plead for him
in Heaven’s High court;
“Be still and wait,”
the word He gave;
and so she knew
He would
do in, and for,
and with him,
that which she never could.
Doubts ignored,
she went about her chores
with joy;
knowing, though spurned,
His word was true.
The prodigal had not returned
but God was God,
and there was work to do.

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