To scan or not to scan, …

…that is the question.

That’s my paraphrase of William Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be, that is the question.”

smiley-face-female-with-laptop-computerI spent hours attempting to gather the needed information. Some sites good, some sites appeared to be an advertisement for their paid services. I’m uncertain whether I’ve learned a substantive answer to my question.

First one read:  Resolution Rules of Thumb for Scanning Old Family Photos and Documents

Spend money, take an instructional course: Digitize Your Family History

This link about scanning photos: Genealogy Weekend Warrior Project 4: Find, Scan, and Save Your Photos

This link possibly the best information for me at this time: Sort, Scan, Share: How to NOT Drown in Family Memorabilia/

No, no, this one is even better: Your Personal Archiving Project: Where Do You Start?


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