Waste of time !!

smiley-face-female-with-laptop-computersmiley-face-curiousOff and on, for two days, I’ve searched the Internet for information about the value of decades-old books. I’d hoped to find a source to sell to. This has been a waste of my valuable time!!


The Woollcott Reader, 1935….$3.69 up to $19.99

The Complete Book of Etiquette with Social Forms for all ages and occasions, 1934….$7.00 to $12.50

Poems of Robert Browning, 1913….$6.22 to $19.99

The Wonder Book of Knowledge, Seven Hundred Illustrations, 1927….$4.50 to $9.99 ~ (IMHO, a very fascinating book with valuable old information.)

There are more books that I ought to look up but feel compelled to walk away from the computer–and this project!! Hey, I don’t want any money for these!! I wish to find a “home” for them. I don’t want them to go into the trash receptacle!!

Nine old books

Wonder Book

Trash can

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh boy, oh joy!! While preparing this blog, I received a phone call from a “cousin” at the Brethren Heritage Center. We had a delightful thirty minute conversation and bottom line: They want all my family history; “Do not throw it away!” So I’ll hire my handymen to help me shuffle boxes and prepare to ship boxes to Brookville, Ohio. Repeat: Oh boy, oh joy!


Time to turn on the A/C ?!

Time to turn on the A/CI’d love to work in my “yarden.” However, I’m focused on lots of indoor projects. smiley-face-sweatingI’m perspiring profusely and realize it is time to turn on the air-conditioner. Last night, the furnace; this afternoon, the A/C. I’m not complaining!! A cousin in San Jose, California, is dealing with severe flooding and heavy rain. I’m very “involved” watching TV news coverage of the extreme weather conditions in my (former) “home state.”

Surveying the damage !!

Water soaked box of old books

One inch of rain yesterday


It’s 10:30 as I prepare this message. We have weak sunshine and the day promises to be nice. I spent some time surveying the yard and discovered the soaking wet box of old books. I mistakenly thought “under the awning” and “under a plastic tablecloth” would be sufficient. exclamation-mark-red-in-a-circleI’m afraid to check the tarp shelter for fear many other boxes are wet–or moist. This “downsizing” endeavor is so discouraging!!









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Epson printer scannerpostscript“Heaven help me!!” was my plea (at 1:30 PM) as I wrapped the printer/scanner in a large plastic trash bag and moved it to the extremely overcrowded storage building. Last week, I moved the printer from my living room to the patio with the intention of throwing it into the dumpster. Strangely, it did not get wet in yesterday’s rain. I attempted to remove (salvage) the ink cartridges but unable…. As I “messed” with the Epson Workhorse, it seemed to be working OK. I decided to keep it long enough to attempt a BIG scanning project. (That’s a “down the pike” project!!)

“Heaven help me!!”

Please tell me how to toss these precious old books. They have been in my family for decades!!

Front cover

Inside front cover

Two small old booksSurely, there must be a “collector” that would like these in their library?!

FYI: Just three of thirteen books. The cardboard box was soaking wet but most books were/are dry.Rain soaked box went into trash

“Rain dance” ??

Forty-three minutes after eight before the rain arrived in my area–and stopped at eight minutes after nine. We’d been warned about the storm–and Houston “got it” hours earlier.

Temperature at five AM

Temperature at eight-forty-five

Eerie color skyIn between those hours (time and temperature)… I watched some TV weather news. The sky was an undescribable “eerie-color” that does not appear in the picture. ~~ I’m delighted to report that it appears we have escaped the wrath of the storm that moved East after so much damage in Southern California. As I write this (nine-fifteen), I’ll have more details when I watch the noon TV news.


indian-rain-dance-paintingI wonder if the Indians at the near-by reservation did a “rain dance”  to drive away the rain!! Ha ha!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

postscriptTemperature at four-thirtyFive PM apology: A day of rain!! Just a gentle rain that is silent (no sound on the roof) but required an umbrella for a walk to the CARE Center.

sweater-weatherI’d hoped a sweater would be sufficient but was forced (at 4:30) to close the door and turn furnace on. I’m enjoying Minestrone soup for supper.

Gullible?? Maybe!!

“Honesty is the best policy.”  I’ll be honest with you: I’m so concerned about my memory!! Frequently I say “Oh Lord, please, not my mind!!”

mind-body-healthFor decades, I have followed a holistic life-style. I have a library of health books; I’m subscribed to numerous healthy web sites. They, in turn, sell my email address to another health web site and I start receiving unsolicited messages. Such an email arrived today and I took the time to listen to the entire message. Here’s the link:  http://getmemoryrepairprotocol.com/aff_id=729&subid=mrpnmm021917. Honestly, it is a long presentation (about one hour) but I was (am) eager for details about preserving my memory.

alarmYour question: “How do you know you’re losing your memory?” Answer: Sometimes I have trouble with the spelling of a word (and spelling, and vocabulary. has always been easy for me). I’m beginning to forget the names of fellow residents here at CARE (and that is alarming).

journalHere’s a disclaimer: I’m not associated with the advertisement; I’m not selling anything!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This blog is my “journal”; I document my daily activities.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

postscriptI searched the Internet for some indication that this is a hoax. Here is a lengthy message that I suspect was posted by Memory Repair Protocol as a guise regarding “pro” and “con.” Is this a scam? likewise sounds more like an advertisement than review. The following statement from OneCareNow is worth repeating.

Our Conclusions

As with any other solution for memory-related brain diseases , the Memory Repair Protocol has its own positives and negatives, and it is definitely not a perfect solution for everyone. Having said that, the fact that Martin Reilly offers a full money back guarantee for 60 days means that you can try this protocol for several weeks without any risk, before choosing any other solution which can be extremely expensive.

Personally, we really like that the Memory Repair Protocol is based on all-natural methods and contains easy to follow directions. In addition, the fact that many of the claims made by Martin are backed by medical research and studies, is another big plus for us.

All in all, if you or someone you love is suffering from memory-related brain disease, or if you simply want to take preliminary steps to prevent such condition, then you should absolutely consider giving the Memory Repair Protocol a try.

After all, if you won’t be happy with what you learned or don’t see any results within two months, you can always ask Martin Reilly to get all of your money back…

Trivia: Weather, etc.

Temperature at five AMHouston TV meteorologist said “Record high ‘low temperature’.”

My door was open all night, and a sheet was the only covering necessary during the night. This was reminiscent of a summer night.

Meteorologist also spelled out all the details about the major storm that will arrive late tonight or early Monday morning. The storm that wreaked havoc on Southern California due to arrive here and dump one to five inches of rain.

Air dry laundryThis morning: Three loads of laundry.

I do not use the laundry service provided for CARE residents. (I’m paying for it in my monthly fee but not using the service.) As mentioned previously, I am very sensitive to odors. The smell of dryer sheets makes me sick*!! For that very reason, I choose to wash (in the adjacent RV Park) on a Sunday morning when I have the laundry room all to myself. Furthermore, my wardrobe of choice is long skirts that “beg” for “air-dry” versus dryer.

*Diesel, bleach, propane, sewage, moth balls, etc., likewise make me sick.

afternoonAfternoon: I secured items that might blow away in the wind; I moved more boxes under cover of the tarp shelter or storage building. Batten down the hatches as the old saying goes (getting ready for the storm).

Out with the old, in with the new !!

break-time-hourThis morning, I borrowed a vacuum cleaner from the CARE Center. Wow, it was a “beast”; it must weigh thirty pounds!! After wrestling with it for a while, I went to our Thrift ‘n Gift Shop looking for a small vacuum. Found one, bought one for $5.00. (Recently, I gave my Stanley small shop vac to our CARE maintenance man because ideal for him when [on “off hours”] he details vehicles.)

Stanley vacuum

Small vacuum


Old scatter rugs

New rugs from Walmart


My, oh my, things haven’t changed much in the last twenty-seven, and twenty-two months!! Check Thanks Stanley, and Spring Cleaning. Last week, I was too embarrassed to invite my visiting friend into my trailer home. Maneuvering “downsizing” boxes (indoors and outdoors) creates LOTS of clutter!!

Rest In Peace

The extremely sad feature about living at an “assisted living” facility: Residents and neighbors die. Just today (while I was cleaning), I heard the shrieking siren of an ambulance. I didn’t look out to see where it went. At two o’clock, I was shocked to hear one of our long time residents had a heart attack and died before reaching the hospital. We’ve lost three other CARE Center residents the last few weeks!!