Surveying the damage !!

Water soaked box of old books

One inch of rain yesterday


It’s 10:30 as I prepare this message. We have weak sunshine and the day promises to be nice. I spent some time surveying the yard and discovered the soaking wet box of old books. I mistakenly thought “under the awning” and “under a plastic tablecloth” would be sufficient. exclamation-mark-red-in-a-circleI’m afraid to check the tarp shelter for fear many other boxes are wet–or moist. This “downsizing” endeavor is so discouraging!!









~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Epson printer scannerpostscript“Heaven help me!!” was my plea (at 1:30 PM) as I wrapped the printer/scanner in a large plastic trash bag and moved it to the extremely overcrowded storage building. Last week, I moved the printer from my living room to the patio with the intention of throwing it into the dumpster. Strangely, it did not get wet in yesterday’s rain. I attempted to remove (salvage) the ink cartridges but unable…. As I “messed” with the Epson Workhorse, it seemed to be working OK. I decided to keep it long enough to attempt a BIG scanning project. (That’s a “down the pike” project!!)

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