Out with the old, in with the new !!

break-time-hourThis morning, I borrowed a vacuum cleaner from the CARE Center. Wow, it was a “beast”; it must weigh thirty pounds!! After wrestling with it for a while, I went to our Thrift ‘n Gift Shop looking for a small vacuum. Found one, bought one for $5.00. (Recently, I gave my Stanley small shop vac to our CARE maintenance man because ideal for him when [on “off hours”] he details vehicles.)

Stanley vacuum

Small vacuum


Old scatter rugs

New rugs from Walmart


My, oh my, things haven’t changed much in the last twenty-seven, and twenty-two months!! Check Thanks Stanley, and Spring Cleaning. Last week, I was too embarrassed to invite my visiting friend into my trailer home. Maneuvering “downsizing” boxes (indoors and outdoors) creates LOTS of clutter!!

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