Trivia: Weather, etc.

Temperature at five AMHouston TV meteorologist said “Record high ‘low temperature’.”

My door was open all night, and a sheet was the only covering necessary during the night. This was reminiscent of a summer night.

Meteorologist also spelled out all the details about the major storm that will arrive late tonight or early Monday morning. The storm that wreaked havoc on Southern California due to arrive here and dump one to five inches of rain.

Air dry laundryThis morning: Three loads of laundry.

I do not use the laundry service provided for CARE residents. (I’m paying for it in my monthly fee but not using the service.) As mentioned previously, I am very sensitive to odors. The smell of dryer sheets makes me sick*!! For that very reason, I choose to wash (in the adjacent RV Park) on a Sunday morning when I have the laundry room all to myself. Furthermore, my wardrobe of choice is long skirts that “beg” for “air-dry” versus dryer.

*Diesel, bleach, propane, sewage, moth balls, etc., likewise make me sick.

afternoonAfternoon: I secured items that might blow away in the wind; I moved more boxes under cover of the tarp shelter or storage building. Batten down the hatches as the old saying goes (getting ready for the storm).

2 comments on “Trivia: Weather, etc.

  1. Jimmie says:

    Better get some tape on that awning tear if the storm is coming through in the wind kicks up it might rip it off

    • Not likely!! Jimmie, we are limited to the Maintenance Supervisor only–and he doesn’t work on the weekends. One “maintenance man” has cancer and not long to live. He hasn’t been here for several months. The other maintenance man left a week ago for a higher paying job “with benefits.” The current “men volunteers” don’t seem inclined to “do” little tasks for the residents. (I might be wrong!! That’s my observation.) I hate to call my handy-dandy repair men–on a Sunday–because they have worked here (at CARE) all week. I’m on my handy-dandy repair men list for future repair of the awning. ~~ Personally, I’m not getting up on the ladder to apply some tape. Since my recent fall, I’m getting very cautious.

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