“Rain dance” ??

Forty-three minutes after eight before the rain arrived in my area–and stopped at eight minutes after nine. We’d been warned about the storm–and Houston “got it” hours earlier.

Temperature at five AM

Temperature at eight-forty-five

Eerie color skyIn between those hours (time and temperature)… I watched some TV weather news. The sky was an undescribable “eerie-color” that does not appear in the picture. ~~ I’m delighted to report that it appears we have escaped the wrath of the storm that moved East after so much damage in Southern California. As I write this (nine-fifteen), I’ll have more details when I watch the noon TV news.


indian-rain-dance-paintingI wonder if the Indians at the near-by reservation did a “rain dance”  to drive away the rain!! Ha ha!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

postscriptTemperature at four-thirtyFive PM apology: A day of rain!! Just a gentle rain that is silent (no sound on the roof) but required an umbrella for a walk to the CARE Center.

sweater-weatherI’d hoped a sweater would be sufficient but was forced (at 4:30) to close the door and turn furnace on. I’m enjoying Minestrone soup for supper.

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