Waste of time !!

smiley-face-female-with-laptop-computersmiley-face-curiousOff and on, for two days, I’ve searched the Internet for information about the value of decades-old books. I’d hoped to find a source to sell to. This has been a waste of my valuable time!!


The Woollcott Reader, 1935….$3.69 up to $19.99

The Complete Book of Etiquette with Social Forms for all ages and occasions, 1934….$7.00 to $12.50

Poems of Robert Browning, 1913….$6.22 to $19.99

The Wonder Book of Knowledge, Seven Hundred Illustrations, 1927….$4.50 to $9.99 ~ (IMHO, a very fascinating book with valuable old information.)

There are more books that I ought to look up but feel compelled to walk away from the computer–and this project!! Hey, I don’t want any money for these!! I wish to find a “home” for them. I don’t want them to go into the trash receptacle!!

Nine old books

Wonder Book

Trash can

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh boy, oh joy!! While preparing this blog, I received a phone call from a “cousin” at the Brethren Heritage Center. We had a delightful thirty minute conversation and bottom line: They want all my family history; “Do not throw it away!” So I’ll hire my handymen to help me shuffle boxes and prepare to ship boxes to Brookville, Ohio. Repeat: Oh boy, oh joy!


3 comments on “Waste of time !!

  1. Jimmie says:

    Call the library – they sometimes accept books and put them up for sale as a fund raiser. ask the Houston Library as they have bigger resources and connections. Next time a driver is taking someone to Houston to the VA, ride along or send them by the Library with instructions to who and where to deliver.

    • THANKS for the suggestions, Jimmie. I’ve tried the local Livingston Library and they said they don’t accept books. (TRUE STORY!!) I was told they are “government funded” and cannot accept books!! The Houston Library would be a possibility because they probably have many branches?! And undoubtedly they have fund raiser book sales.

  2. Deb says:

    That must be why our library takes books you donate and instead of putting them into circulation, gives them to the “Friends of the —- Library.” It’s the “Friends” that host the book sales every so often throughout the year. There is an organization called Better World Books, and I’m sure others, that take them for good…but I’d hate to see you pay shipping if you didn’t have to. Is there a historical society nearby? How about an antique store? I know you said you don’t want money, but if they gave you a small amount, or offered you something you liked from their shop in trade, at least you would know they would get into the hands of a buyer who would appreciate them.

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