Devotion to details ?!

Picture from memory e-bookA “screen capture” from the e-book about memory. I’m reading it while eating a healthy salad, and taking my nutritional supplements (with a meal). I’m encouraged, somewhat, by the paragraph that says: “The pathways we do not use tend to degenerate over time. It seems that we must exercise our brains to keep them healthy after all. It’s the same with our real muscles, which can serve us as long as we exercise them regularly throughout our lives.” I believe I can safely say I have exercised my brain as well as exercising my body. Some times I amaze myself as I recall (and speak, or write) genealogical material I processed twenty years ago. As you know, I search the Internet for information regarding many topics, including flowers and garden problems/solutions. I’m only on page twenty-eight of one-hundred-sixty-nine pages. Very interesting reading.

This is my Gullible??  Maybe!!  follow-up blog message.

Beautiful afternoon!! I’d love to be working in my “yarden.”

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