“Left side” of Tuesday !!

Propane tank leakNumber One: I am extremely sensitive to odors!! While I worked on the earlier blog, and thereafter, I’ve had a monster headache. Again (as I said in the earlier blog), the door was open all night. When I went outdoors–about ten-fifteen–I quickly detected the strong odor of propane. I picked up the end of the hose, felt the pressure of escaping propane, and then (foolishly) put the end near my nose. I didn’t bother with a phone call; I rushed to the office to report the situation. Moments later, a maintenance man arrived and explained “faulty regulator.” ~~ The “big tank” had been removed about nine, and transported to be refilled. See the small tank (in the picture)? I’m waiting for my handyman, Jim, to take it for re-certification and refilling (tag expired three years ago). Number Two: I’m sick!! Over an hour inhaling fumes. As soon as I “publish” this, I’m heading for the shower. Quite possibly, I have the propane odor clinging to my nostrils, hair, and clothes?!



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