BIG maintenance projects pending !!

Yesterday, as I followed the men around while they were attempting to locate the propane leak, I saw the amount of maintenance that awaits my time and attention. “Skirting” around the base of the trailer needs repair; porch railing wood surfaces need paint; wood fence needs paint; holes in the yard need to be filled with dirt and sprinkled with grass seed. (I nearly fell down several times because I stepped in an-obscured-in-the-grass hole.) Yesterday, I discovered so many “yard and garden storage containers” were full of water. I’d moved things out of the carport and parked them (out of sight) at the front and back of the trailer. Our recent rain storms dumped water in my toolbox, etc., etc. Of course, the number one project is the organization of the storage unit. ~~ I’m not complaining; I’m capable!! The projects may help to keep me young? (Eighty-five is the new fifty-eight?)

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